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ACAM rulers book

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Students’ rules
ACAM cultural and social activities participation rules

Alfabeto del Mondo does not benefit from public funding, so all courses are self-financed by members or other not socially disadvantaged participants. Fees fund all courses, their operation, organization and every social activities conducted by our Association.
About Italian language course for foreigners, socially disadvantaged people need to pay a small fee of € 10. About underage students, the fee is determined depending on their parents' economic status.
Every student must always carry on the card and registration certificate showing it to teachers or secretarial staff if requested. Otherwise, the student will not be admitted to class.
Furthermore, student must always sign the register of lessons.
The courses are held in Cagliari in Via Alghero, 13, first floor
Students should come 10-15 minutes before lessons start. Times are listed in lessons calendar. The teacher is obliged in starting the lesson on time even if only one student is there. Registrations are open, as long as there are available places.
All teachers, tutors, secretarial staff and ACAM members are volunteers who work every day without any pay, making effective and timely all classes, into a spirit of responsibility and social solidarity. Therefore, we ask students to respect them and, wherever possible, assisting them in smooth running of our Association.

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