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Welcome to  Alfabeto del Mondo website.

This is the website of  Alfabeto del Mondo Association, a non-profit organization which carries out its activities about the knowledge of foreign languages in its locations of Cagliari.

Our teachers are highly qualified. Some of them are native speakers and someone else is a naturalized speaker because he/she lived mainly abroad where taught languages

Our office is in 1sd floor , via Alghero n°13, Cagliari. We are open from Monday to Saturday (Lunedì dalle 14,30 alle 19,30, Mercoledì dalle 13,30 alle 18,30, Sabato dalle 9,30 alle 12,30). You can also make an appointment by calling 3312854727.

Classes start on: September 2016, see the sections "lessons timetable" and "alerts".
Renewal or new registrations
Enrolments are (always) open. Places are available. Annual fee  

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