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Student's rules

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ACAM cultural and social activities participation rules

Alfabeto del Mondo does not benefit from public funding, so all courses are self-financed by members or other not socially disadvantaged participants. Fees fund operation and organization courses and every social activities conducted by our Association.  All teachers, tutors, secretarial staff and ACAM members are volunteers who work every day without any pay for making effective and timely all classes, into a spirit of responsibility and social solidarity. Therefore, we ask students respecting them and, wherever possible, assisting them in our Association smooth running.

Student-class enrollment takes place through the payment (even by installments) of the entire self-financed fee amount on our Association postal account (see Appendix 1). The enrollment validity is one year, from 1st September to 30th June every year, regardless of the beginning and end date of the course in which you registered. Enrollments must be hand delivered at the secretariat or delivered by fax or email. Enrollments without payment are not accepted. As registration is complete, student yellow card is issued by the secretariat. Equal to registration and fee date, Alfabeto nel mondo members shall take precedence in enrollments. Regarding most crowded courses with participants number surplus there is a waiting list. First in the list may be those who paid the entire or installment registration fee earlier.
Because of insurance reasons, not enrolled students cannot be accepted in the classrooms.

Fees fund management, educational material and organization costs. Funding fee is annual and strongly reduced for certain person categories (see annex n°1). The payment of the fee entitles you to attend a single course: the number of paid fees is equal to the number of courses in which you are enrolled.  Regarding the italian language course for foreigners only, people with social disadvantages do not have to pay any fee. The funding fee amount paid by under-age students is determined according to socio-economic status of their parents. The fee must be paid within 15 working days prior to the course.
In the interests of clarity, all payments must be made through the bank account of our Association. Cash payments are not allowed.
Socially disadvantaged people who wish to take advantage of the fee reduction must submit both proper documentation and letter of social services (or other agency) together with a copy of your passport or other identity documents.

Underage students attend classes under the responsibility of their parents who are required to exercise the necessary supervision. All teachers and ACAM members are not responsible for them neither are required to report any absences or early departures. The unaccompanied foreign minors can enroll after showing the written request of social services or community reception.
Courses begin when there are at least 10 registrations and when teachers collaboration is guaranteed. If it's impossible doing a lesson, students will receive the comunication via SMS and / or e-mail, unless extreme circumstances (eg. natural disasters).
Teachers are not all native speakers and we will not accept complaint about it. All teachers are volunteers so their presence throughout the course it may not always be guaranteed as constant.
Every student has a duty to keep informed himself / herself on the lessons beginning and on course duration by going to the Secretariat or visit the ACAM website, where we will publish all notices.
Every student must always keep the yellow card out taking with him/ her even the registration certificate and exhibiting it if requested by Secretariat staff or others ACAM members, if not, student cannot be admitted to class. Moreover, student must always sign the lessons register.
All participants must treat equipments and premises with respect and they should help to the good performance of the lesson with their good behavior. It's forbidden to eat or drink in rooms where you make the course. Mobile phone use in class is only permitted to be available, with the ring tone to a minimum.
All participants must always respect teachers, mentors, secretarial staff and all members who organize the courses. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to rejection of the registration application or to the student suspension due to his/her improper or disrespectful behavior. In case of courses attended by few people (e.g. 2-4), students must notify their absence in advance to the teacher, otherwise that course will be cancelled.
At the registration, each student receives a copy of this regulation, which is known and accepted. Each student can participate in a free trial lesson in the manner and time established by the Secretarial staff.  The knowledge level test is free and can be carried out after attending at least 16 lessons. It must be arranged with the teacher and booked at least two weeks in advance. Each student may use the library service. Provided books must be returned within two weeks, on pain of suspension of the right of librarian lending.
Each student is entitled to receive the educational materials included in registration fee. Each student is also entitled to receive the optional educational material (e.g. quizzes, puzzles, games, etc..) for which we request a donation of 5.00 euros, for the commitment given by teachers and members working on that school material and for its printing costs. Each student is entitled to installments of self-financing fee if providing the proof of entire payment within 15 days prior to actual commencement of the course.
Socially disadvantaged people can participate in courses with a strong reduction of the fee or for free, upon presentation of all documentation required by the Secretariat. Students are entitled to a refund - usually within 15 days of the request - of paid fee for never started courses because of organizational reasons or participants lack.
Students will be advised by secretariat about the non-activation of a course within the two months from the course commencement date and within six months from the filing of the enrollment application: said six months after said application is the time to request and obtain reimbursement. After that time you cannot get back the fee amount paid. Each student is entitled to receive an attendance certificate on colored parchment, which is released upon written request of a participant (including via e-mail). Such certificate shall state the actual attendance hours at courses. It's necessary to pay a donation of at least 10.00 euros as printing costs reimbursement. Who require the attendance certificate with only two weeks' notice get a white/black paper. The certificate may be requested up to one year after the end of the course itself. A student who could not attend the course because of serious health reasons or  suppression of uncrowded courses (those with only 2-4 people), is entitled to lessons recovery within the term of his/her enrollment, upon agreement with the course tutor and consistent with the rooms availability.
Students who lose or forget the yellow card are entitled to have a duplicate, upon payment of 5.00 euros to costs reimburse of the equipment. Said duplicate is free for the socially disadvantaged. Each student is entitled to attend conditioned lessons on specific days and times, upon clear communication on the registration form. ACAM still reserves the right to not accept a conditioned enrollment on certain days or times.
-Participating in class without having completed the registration or without having the card in sight.
-Claiming the last place available if you have not done in time to finalize the registration delivering the required documentation by the Secretariat or by making the fee payment.
- Taking over in a course to a withdrawn student
- Asking for a fee reduction for late started courses
-Claiming any changes following the class groups aggregation needed for organizational, managerial or economic reasons or seeking reimbursement justifying this request with these changes.
-Claiming ignorance of regulation.
-Demanding the return of the amount paid or place on a waiting list if you don't turn up within the first useful lesson or if the registration is not completed on that date

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